Locating and sizing objects in the 3-D environment can be tricky. This helper allows you to manually adjust their placement, and obtain the values needed to properly locate/size your objects.
The 3-D enviornment Includes five(5) objects: A sphere, extruded polygon star, an svg file, a polygon sprite, and an icon sprite.

Select the object you would like to adjust. Then place desired values below to arrange it.
Also, use the camera and OrbitControls feature to set the 3-D view.

Camera X
Camera Y
Camera Z
Object X
Object Y
Object Z
Scale XYZ
Rotate X
Rotate Y
Rotate Z
After you have placed the objects, select the 'Save' button. This will show all value settings for the camera and objects.

You can place and size your own objects by using a Generic Copy of this file.