Insert Three.js Into SVG

Place a Three.js application into your SVG drawing. Each is interactive with the other. The Three.js application is located in an iframe foreignObject
An IFRAME is placed as a foreignObject as an element in the SVG. It contains a Three.js application, shown within the red circle.

(See the IFRAME's HTML file at the bottom of the page)

There are bunch of icons rotating in the Three.js application. It also includes Trackball control.

1.) Select the 'Pause Three.js' button to stop the rotation.
2.) Click on any icon to place a copy of it in the SVG drawing.
3.) Then, click on the icon in the SVG drawing to remove it from the Three.js application.

SVG Source:

OK in: EDGE/CH41/FF35

IFRAME File (three.js-into-svg-frame.htm):