Create a group of regular/convex polygons and irregular/concave polygons and build a pattern for a Tile Unit. Manually attach polygons to the desired edge of another. Then you can build and test your tile unit to determine if it will properly tessellate to fill an area. Identify which vertices in the tile unit connect to their neighbor, when building the rows/columns of an area tessellation.

Build & Tessellate Your Tile Unit

Seed Polygons
Edge:px Sides:
Edge:px Star: ?
Kite ? Edge:px   β°
Companion Edge:px
Dart ? Edge:px β°
Companion Edge:px
3 sides
4 sides
6 sides
Reference Image (Drag Me) :
Stop Drag:               Opacity: Width:px. Height:px.


           Choose Center Seed:
Tile Unit Drawing Size: X
Save As: