Update JSON File With ASP

ASP does not include JSON. However, you can include JSON at ASP via <!-- #include file ="json2.js" --> Where the Javascript code in the file is preceded by <% and ended by %>. (Any Javascript file can used in an ASP file via #include, if its code is enclosed by <% and %>.)
*JSON File (R15_jsOBJ.js):

When the web page loads, it requests the current colors for the circle, ellipse, and rect from a JSON file.

Send a request to the server to update the color of the selected element in the JSON file.
Circle: Ellipse: Rect:
Select Color:

*Note: To avoid CORS and localhost rejections, use the extendsion '.js' rather than '.json' for JSON files.
SVG Source:

Classic Asp file: R15_updateJSON.asp

Include file: json2.js
OK in:IE11/CH41/FF35