SVG Font Icons Object

Instead of storing the icons in remote svg files, a JSON object has been created. Rather than calling files that store the icons, the object builds each font icon at the client as needed.

1.) All SVG Icons have been arranged with their specific offset values. Therefore the getBBox computations are not required.

2.) A JSON object is created than holds: alias, title, fontFamily, code,offsetX, and offsetY, strokeFactor, for all icons.
2a.) The alias value is essentially the id that helps select a specific icon from the JSON object.

3.) To create svg font icons access this JSON object SVGFontIcon as follows:
Which Icon to Place?Use the alias name.
Determine its locationThe x,y location in your application
Font SizeThis will be its size in pixels.
Fill ColorA value of 'none' can be used for a transparent icon.
Stroke ColorA value of 'none' can be used so a stroke is not included.
Stroke FactorOptional, and will override the default strokeFactor value(.02)
Call the placeSVGIcon function.This will build an SVG Font Icon and place it in your application
Alias: X: Y: Font Size:
Stroke Factor:

SVG Source:
OK in:IE11/CH41/FF35