Add SVG Shapes to Leaflet World Map

This adds 1000 svg elements(circles, ellipses, rects, polygons) to the SVG layer in the world map. The map's mouse wheel zoom remains smooth in IE/CH/FF. Each element has a lat/lng value, converted to the needed x,y values to translate each element to the desired point. During map zoom level changes, the elements are automatically scaled and translated, maintaining their original size and position.

1). The map is placed into its DIV (width:800px, height:400px).
2). The map is centered at Lat/Lng (0,0) at zoom level 1.
3.) The SVG element is added via initPathRoot.
4.) 1000 SVG elements are added, randomly place about the world.
5.) The svg viewBox is computed, used to create x,y values for the symbols.
6.)Each element is translated/scaled when the map is zoomed, using the viewreset event.
This calls the map method latLngToLayerPoint(MyLatLng) to accomplish this.
7) The SVG source is shown updated following the map zoom.

SVG Source:

OK in:IE11/CH40/FF35