Dynamically Create Paths
Point & click to locate path points. Each path point can be dragged. Paths can be right-angle, straight, or smooth. You may insert a background template image. Copy the SVG path source to place in other applications. Keyboard shortcut keys are included. Also includes a 3D stroke feature, typically representing piping.
3D Stroke
Width: Height:
Rotate     °
Point & Click to Draw Path      L:[L]
Stroke Color: width:
Stroke Opacity:
Dash[D]:  Arrow[A]:  Shadow:
3D Stroke:
Fill Color: Opacity:
[key] - Keyboard shortcut key
Toggle on/off
You may create one or more paths. To remove a path, move the cursor over the path and right-click mouse button.
Drawing Size Width:.px Height:.px  

SVG Path Source: