Build Polygon Symbols for Library(Stack)

Use this tool to create polygon symbols with one, two, or three stacked polygons. The polygons are arranged in the following order: Bottom(#1), Middle(#2), and Top(#3). Typically radius/side is set the from larger to smaller, so the previous polygon is not fully covered. You can scale a stacked polygon it in the x and/or y direction, and rotate it. You may give the symbol a Name to help indentify it. When the symbol is as required, select 'SAVE' to create it's svg file. The symbol is saved as size=1. Note: The symbol id includes a time stamp(UTC ms). When the symbol svg file is a saved, it should have the same name as its id. The default fill colors for the saved polygons are: bottom=white, middle=black, top=white.
Symbol Polygons:
:Bottom :Middle :Top:
:Regular :Sides :Radius
:Rhombus :Angle :Side
:Star :Points :Radius
Scale X: Scale Y:
Native Symbol SVG Files: Javascript: