Polygon Symbol Library

The Native Symbol Library is usable for many applications
The 'native' library consists of an svg file for each symbol. Currently there are 40 symbols made up of 1, 2, or 3 polygons. Each symbol has a size=1, centered at(0,0) and fill colors black and white. The 'registered' library for an application clones various symbols from the native library, giving them size and color(s). Each parent symbol is also an svg file, stored in the application. When this example application requires a multi-use symbol, it will extract it from parent to a 'SymbolDefs' element in the root SVG element for the application. Therfore the app will clone needed symbols from the defs element. The example uses the XMLHTTP control to access the native symbol library. (The application could then employ Active Server Pages(ASP) to send the application's registered symbols and its planted symbols to the server.)

Native Symbol Library: size=1 center=(0,0) - Files at server

Build App's Registered Library - Select symbol above. Provide Size and Color(s)
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This App's Register Symbols - Send to Server

This App's Registered SymbolDefs

This Application: Plant Polygon Symbols
1.Select symbol
2.Click to locate

This App's Current Planted Symbols (sent to server)